Thursday, July 26, 2007

Now here's a fun idea ...

Not The Press badge
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... from Andy Ihnatko, my favorite tech columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times who I first encountered as an original MacUser fan back in the '90s, and this marks the second but doubtless not the last time I quote him in this here space.

I highly recommend his books ( about technology, which like Herman Melville's tomes, give me the minutia of a subject at the same time as they delve into the blubber. For more of his wit and wisdom, do visit his "Colossal Waste of Bandwidth" at

Andy's caption to "Not the Press Badge":

While explaining a recurring phenomenon, I came up with the idea for a special "Not The Press" badge for me to wear when I'm out shooting an event with the Big-Ass SLR.

Made with FD's Flickr Toys.

... about which the ever-observant Jim Heid noted ...

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jimheid Pro User says:

Ha! And always with the Clairefontaine notebook. That alone gives away that you aren't a photog. They use, like, Mead or something.

Another Andy I. gem

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This is the photo that inspired the anti-press badge above.

Here's what Andy I. says about the captured event and the badge it inspired. The photo is entitled "Letdown":

I felt like I was disappointing some people. The folks who do lots of parade would spot the Better Than Normal camera and pointedly slow down or do something cool in front of me, and often the ringleader would ask what paper I work for so they can snag the clipping for their press kit.

The factual answer is "The Chicago Sun-Times" but I'm sure that they mean "how can your photo further any of our life goals?" so the truthful answer is "I'm just shooting for fun."

They don't spit on me after that, but still, I wonder if I shouldn't make up some sort of NOT THE PRESS badge to wear, just to keep things clear.