Saturday, October 10, 2009

You are Welcome

You are Welcome
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The picture says it all.

You are Welcome
by Marion Peck

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Anyone can see this photo
• Taken on May 10, 2009
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Uploaded by elena bordignon on 10 May 09, 5.45AM PDT.
Still trying to find out who Marion Peck is but wherever she is, I thank her for this beautiful image. I found it here ...

... and I intend to query Elena about more about the artist and how she came to be posted on Elena's Flickr page. If I hear back that this is not a good post, I will remove it!

– Noe the G.

PS, I found out some more from my friend Portia:

Gary Baseman is great! - Right but didn't Keane's wife paint all of them remember? Very true, but watch Mark Ryden paint a painting live on YouTube and he is really great.

Look at Mark Rydens wife's work – Marion Peck.... Baseman isn't Keane at all though.....I don't see that.

... and this from my friend Ken: