Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jimi Hendrix, another nice shot found!

Originally uploaded by sofarsocute ... which I hope to include in my book about the Jimi photo hunters. Every day it seems, I get more incredible shots that have not been previously published (I DID TWO ENTIRE SPECIAL ISSUES OF 'EM A FEW YEARS BACK--see below*)

This one, "In Concert in Vancouver! 'Vanilla Fudge' opened the show and had a standing ovation with 'Set me free,'" is by Pierre Geumet, who goes by sofarsocute on Flickr. Pierre is a way cool photog and world traveler based in Vancouver.

He says: "I saw Jimi Hendrix last performance at 'The 1970 Isle of Wight Festival' "... Other photo:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/sofarsocute/2193669093/in/set-72157603935863689/ Uploaded by sofarsocute(slow with flickr) on 24 Feb 08, 2008.

He adds, "I consider myself a 'World citizen'
Vous pouvez me contacter en français (Español ok)

He has an amazing video on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/sofarsogut

... and this video is an interview with Jimi on the day before he died:

*This ...
... is the first of two Big-ass Hendrix Special Issues that I edited as the editor of Guitar World. You can actually find the entire issue, page-by-page, here: First the cover - contests.guitarworld.com/gwhistory/pageview.php?picname=1...
Then, my Editor's Note to the issue: contests.guitarworld.com/gwhistory/pageview.php?picname=5...
and finally, every single glorious page of the issue: contests.guitarworld.com/gwhistory/flash.php?currentissue...
... until you come to page 54, with the axology of Jimi's PINK STRAT and its provenance that started the whole voyage: dl.guitarworld.com/gw_history/09_85a/52_fs.jpg

The issue in question was Sept. '85, the first of two monumental Hendrix tributes, and the discussion of two V's Jimi was associated with can be found here (basically the left-hand and the right-hand parts of this magazine spread):

GW Sept. 85 Axology Flying V P. 54

GW Sept. 85 Axology Flying V P. 55

And then you get to the second Big Special issue, which inspired me to finally write this book:

Now dig this ...

I just posted a plethora of Jimi juiciness on my page, which is referred to as the www.flickr.com/photos/doctor_noe/sets/7215760 Jimi set above.


PS, Bill Nitopi, who Stevie Ray Vaughan called "The Keeper of the Frame," Has this to say about our collaboration on these Guitar World Special Issues:
Thanks Noe,
Nice photos...
Yea, it's been 20 years since it came out... but we started working on that GW issue in Jan. 87.
Historic, no one has ever come close to that in any type of publication.
I still remember the look on the face of Dennis Page coming into your office upon realizing we spent almost $10.000 on photos for a single issue.
GW '88 is still looked upon by collectors as the greatest accumulation of Hendrix photos in a single magazine or book.
Thanks again,
Love ya,
How do ya like that, peoples peoples peoples.

God Bless,

Noe the G
Founding Editor of Guitar World