Friday, March 9, 2012

My take on the John Carter Movie

I wanted so much for it to be good for my man Andrew Stanton, whom I have admired for his animation work (see my interview referenced below), but when compared to the more on-the-surface technoid-inspired aesthetic of Jim Cameron, I have to declare, along with Putney Swope, that Putney says the man's got to have more soul. The heart is what is missing from this venture, and as my 15-year-old son noticed, so is Cameron's painstaking attention to detail, seen all too annoyingly in the under-lit 3-D interior scenes.

Here is a heartfelt discussion with Stanton – I wish he could have captured this excitement on the screen:

Uploaded by AtGoogleTalks on Mar 8, 2012

Andrew Stanton stops by Google for a conversation with Chris DiBona. Andrew discusses his inspiration for "John Carter," … traces the evolution of his creative process – from childhood, to Pixar to "John Carter."

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For my interview with Stanton for Variety, go here:

For Pixar, it's about the story, not the glory

Helmer Stanton keeps innocence, love of storytelling


Andrew Stanton is on the phone from the Bay Area, where he is packing his bags for Tokyo. The movie he directed, "Finding Nemo," will have its premiere in Japan, six months after it opened in the U.S.

"Japan is the last country in the whole world that's getting it," he says. "They speed up the English-speaking countries because of the piracy issues, but the other countries where it's dubbed there's not as much pressure, so Christmas is the best time to open." ...

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