Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Roger Mayer w Jimi

Roger Mayer w Jimi by Doctor Noe
Roger Mayer w Jimi, a photo by Doctor Noe on Flickr.

Roger Mayer, left, with Mitch Mitchell, Jimi Hendrix and Noel Redding.

I just talked to Roger and he is doing well, still being a guru to countless tone-freaks far and wide. Big hugs from him and Connie!

Mark Bosch: Got to admit, I miss the ole boy and u too G-whiz! where is he living these days?

Noe the G: He sez he's in Kingston, the posh-ier part north of London. Worcester Park, Surrey KT4 7DF, to be exact. Still salty as ever and Celebrated far and wide as a "FOJ" (Friend of Jimi):

Guitar Effects Pedals by Roger Mayer - History


Hey Rog,

It was ever so charming talking with you this a.m.

I think I'm gonna do up a blog entry just about you for old times' sake.

PS, Karin sez we have a couple of plane tickets for London, so we may be seeing you around Christmas time! Big hugs to Connie.

Attached are a couple-a pics I dug up from my "bin" I also have one of the Rocket done up as Eddie Van Halen's paint job and some more I'll be sending you. This one on Flickr can be accessed by this link:

Here's what it says on my Flickr page:

P. 165 "Do You Know This Face? Then you know THIS Face. ... You know Roger Mayer's Classic Fuzz, the very same fuzz distortion circuit that Roger designed for Jimi Hendrix during his tenure as the master's sound technician ..." This is one of the ads I published in numerous music magazines of the mid-'80s in which I touted my Guitar Galaxy mail-order company. Guitar Galaxy continues to flourish today!

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