Monday, January 5, 2015

NAMM 2014 in the Rear-View Mirror

My highlights from the big show

These are the questions asked by Guitar Galaxy reporter Dylan Z. Gold of various NAMM luminaries on the showroom floor. Here is just one of them, ace guitar player Larry Mitchell:

And this was the backstory as reported by yours truly, shortly after the show wrapped:

Interviewed by Dylan Z. Gold
with Noë the G
Creative Director of the Jimi Hendrix Foundation

Larry Mitchell references Eric Johnson as a touchstone to his initial inspiration by Hendrix. The esteemed guitarist was interviewed at the recent NAMM show by Dylan Z. Gold for a Halstrom High School Honors project as a Public Service for the Jimi Hendrix Foundation.

Larry Mitchell first met Noë "the G" Gold in 1988 at a concert at New York's Limelight sponsored by Guitar World, Kramer Guitars and Steve Stevens. The Guitar World Founding Editor hosted the gig, which included a guitar contest judged by Steve Stevens and Billy Sheehan. The winner for the second consecutive year was … you guessed it … Larry Mitchell, enshrined forever in history with an appearance in Part II of the legendary Guitar World Unpublished Hendrix special issues.

The questions asked by Dylan and his colleague Cooper Pearson of a number of musician luminaries for this project were:

  1. What was the first Hendrix song you ever heard?
  2. How did encountering Jimi's music affect your musical destiny?
  3. What is Jimi's message?
Oh yeah, here is another highlight, this grab shot of Buck Dharma and Steve Morse

... and finally, my report was chronicled by Blues-E-News, a media partner of the Guitar Galaxy News Agency:

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