Thursday, August 13, 2009

Les Paul: The World Has Lost a Remarkable Innovator and Musician

Les Paul
June 9, 1915 - August 13, 2009 is running snippets of what it calls "The Les Paul Show." You should really go there to check it out. It's snippets of sounds ... Les joking with Mary, bits of Beck, Steve Miller and whoever of the thousands owes this man a debt.

Les Paul
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Photo by my Flickr mate "Big Frank" Caico ( on August 24, 2008.

Noe the G and the Guitar World crew, composed of John Peden, photographer, Perry Margouleff, guitar maven, Bob Davis, Peter Mengaziol, the techno-wiz, went on a guitar safari to Les Paul's house in Mahwah, NJ, where we got the royal tour of all his wondrous gadgets as we prepared an article about the "Wizard of Waukesha."

In my original post ( I put up this cool performance by Les at the Iridium club in New York City from July 7, 1997 guess what? I was there!!!! you can tell (if you know me) by my distinctive laugh at 1:24 into the track.

I wish I could turn this sad news into a smile. Here is what Les would say to that: