Thursday, July 19, 2007

Visual Poetry

I may, I might, I must
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One of the rare pleasures of meandering around Flickr is when I discover someone who is not only a great photographer but someone who with his photography and his words comments on life around us. Just such a creator is Jim Heid, who is not only one of my new gurus of the Mac (a particular religion in whose congregation I worship regularly), but also quite a philosopher indeed. His paper trail is worth following.

I may, I might, I must

If you will tell me why the fen
appears impassable, I then
will tell you why I think that I
can get across it if I try.

Marianne Moore (1887-1972)

Another of the poems showcased on the London Underground as part of the system's Poems on the Underground program.

View the first photo in the series or the previous one.

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