Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hendrix World - What a Wonderful World

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To start at the beginning, you must see this excellent painting by my friend Peaceswirl, a lovely folk artist in Bayou Country:

That'll take you to these two entries on today's blog!

Now you'll want to go to my latest addition to my Flickr page here for more of the story (or just keep scrolling to the next entry where I recount it):
Jimi-Pink Strat-GW-Sept.85.jpg

Now that I've done all that, might as well put it all up on my blog (

This is the first of two Big-ass Hendrix Special Issues that I edited as the editor of Guitar World. You can actually find the entire issue, page-by-page, here: First the cover -
Then, my Editor's Note to the issue:
and finally, every single glorious page of the issue:
... until you come to page 54, with the axology of Jimi's PINK STRAT and its provenance that started the whole voyage:

Hold the presses! I did locate the issue in question - it was Sept. '85, the Hendrix tribute, and the photo spread on the pink Strat is right here on page 54:

The discussion of two V's Jimi was associated with can be found here (basically the left-hand and the right-hand parts of this magazine spread):

GW Sept. 85 Axology Flying V P. 54

GW Sept. 85 Axology Flying V P. 55

How do ya like that, flickr people.

God Bless,

Noe the G
Founding Editor of Guitar World

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