Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Brian Robbins Sun Newspapers Cover Story 6-29-07

I'm revisiting this cover story I did for the Sun Newspapers about director Brian Robbins because he has a new movie opening July 11, "Meet Dave." This is the very movie that was then known as "Starship Dave" when I visited with Brian on the set.

Brian Robbins in the Sun Newspapers-6-29-07

So to see my original interview with the guy, go here ...

Noë Gold’s most recent cover story on director Brian Robbins in all three editions of the Sun Newspapers may be found here ...

... and here as a PDF of the entire issue ... Studio City Sun 6-29-07

This is from a cover story by Noë Gold for the Sun Newspapers (Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Encino CA).
Brian Robbins, director of Eddie Murphy’s smash comedy Norbit, takes us on the set of his next Murphy vehicle, Meet Dave.
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Doctor Noe's Smooth Gadget: Brian Robbins Sun Newspapers P. 2 6-29-07

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