Monday, June 1, 2009

Sad update 6-1-09: Manny's Music R.I.P.

Manny's Music R.I.P.:

Today, in the New York Times I sadly read of the closing of this iconic marketplace on New York's 48th Street. Here's a slideshow of pics that used to line the walls:

Manny's Wall of Fame.

There's more discussion about Jimi's relationship with Manny's in an interview with Manny Goldrich himself in the first of two historic volumes I produced for Guitar World, JIMI HENDRIX: THE ULTIMATE TRIBUTE (GW September, 1985), which is pictured right here:


and its companion piece, HENDRIX LIVES!: THE UNPUBLISHED HENDRIX, Vol. II (GW March, 1988), which is shown here:


Noe the G
Founding Editor of Guitar World
>"}}}}”> Noe Gold, aka Noe the G is the Founding Editor of Guitar World magazine. Among his most cherished achievements is the creation, with partner Bill Nitopi, curator of the Hendrix Collection Archives and an editor-at-large of Guitar World, of two humongous Special Issues: Vol. 6, No. 5 SEPTEMBER, 1985 SPECIAL JIMI HENDRIX TRIBUTE! and Vol. 9, No. 2 MARCH 1988 HENDRIX LIVES!: THE UNPUBLISHED HENDRIX, Vol. II.

As to Jimi's elctronics tech ... Know him? I worked the genius electronics whiz Roger Mayer ... see below:


... and I am the President of Guitar Galaxy! Check out our other fine products here:

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